01 August 2010

0 Start Making Changes

I decided to make "Start Making Changes" after going through a rough spot in my life where I was down in the dumps, unsure of myself, my schooling and my direction in life. I was nearly ready to give up. When All of a sudden life decided to smack me on the face and say wake up! Its no ones fault but your own!

This blog is not supposed to be a pity party for me in anyway. I wish for it to be quite the opposite really. I'll try to keep me personal feelings to a minimum unless for example purposes but I mainly want to talk about ways to improve ones happiness. This blog is supposed to be a form of self help for myself and for any readers I my acquire. We can learn and grow together and find strength in one another.  I have begun to make changes in my self to improve my well being, mental health and out look on life. I also hope that people might find strength in me to see there weakness, insecurities, negativities and most importantly to Start Making Changes in them selves.

The main goal I have is to at least open people up, get them ready for change or at least get their brains thinking about and ready for change. That is most important because if someone isn't ready for change or doesn't believe they need to change it won't happen. I cannon't create the change within someone just like no one created it in me. It came from within. A willingness to explore my weaknesses and insecurities.

In life no one controls your destiny but you.


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