06 August 2010

0 Your Brain Can't Process Negative Thoughts

So I have begun reading into Neuro Linguistic Programming. If you dont know about it already I sugest you take a look into it. Its essentially the science behind the ways our brain takes in information from your sensory systems like Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, even smell and taste. It also explains about ways we can use our senses to experience the world in a more positive way. Along with realizing that everyone experiences the world differently through their own senses and that by realizing the way in which they experience the world we can communicate with them better to achieve a more pleasing result.

Anyways NLP isn't what I wanted to talk about because I am just starting to learn about it. So hear me out on this and you might see or begin to feel differently about the way you think. I wan't to ask you how many times you have caught your self focusing on a negative thought. Often? Never? Occasionally? Well if you answered yes to any of these I sugest you both start paying attention to when it happens and not only when you catch your self also make this simple change.

Your Brain Can't Process Negative Thoughts!

Thats right your brain doesn't process negative thoughts. So when you think "I am a terrible friend" "Im dumb" "Im Lazy" etc. etc. Your brain things "Being a terrible friend is great. Keep doing that!" "Being Dumb is awesome lets not read any books!" "Sitting on this couch eating Cheetos makes my life wonderful!" etc. etc. So instead of saying or think thoughts like that say to your self (and really hear your self) "I am productive" "I am amazingly smart and talented" "I work hard."

Now don't expect to see results instantly. Your not going to just say the words "I am smart" and be Einstein but if you continually tell your self positive things they will slowly work them selves into your every day thought and instead of sitting infront of the tube all day you might head over to Amazon or Borders and buy a book. Do you see how starting to make a change like this can greatly improve your attitude and life.

Start Making Changes!


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